Woman finds large king cobra slithers up her rambutan tree


The Rescue Radio Center Sawangkatanyudhammasathan Association in Chantaburi Province was notified this morning (Nov 2) that a large king cobra was found slithering up the rambutan tree.

Minutes later, the rescue team arrived at the scene and saw Mrs. Chantra, the owner of the rambutan garden, looking at the area where the huge serpent climbed up.

One of the rescuers used a ladder to check the situation and saw the king cobra curled on the branch of the rambutan tree. But upon noticing the threat, the snake raised its neck and spread its hood, ready to fight and defend itself.

A little while later, the snake climbed up higher, making the work of the rescuers more difficult and dangerous.

The snake protection team decided to cut the branches around the area as well as the branch where the king cobra curled up. As soon as it fell to the ground, one of the volunteers hurriedly and carefully used his bare hands to grab the snake from behind.

It was revealed that the cobra was more than 4 meters long and weighs 10-13 kilograms.

According to Sergeant Major Nattaphon, the team’s toxicology instructor, cobras are often found during this period because the beginning of winter is considered to be their breeding season.

He also said that the cobra was probably looking to find a mate but instead found a human first. It panicked and slithered up the tree. Fortunately, no one was harmed.

The team will let the snake recuperate first before releasing it back into the forest, far away from the community.

Source: Khaosod

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