Woman finds huge king cobra in her bed


A 55-year-old woman called emergency services after spotting a 3-meter long king Cobra hiding in her bed.

When wildlife officials arrived at the scene, they met Ms. Janhom Bamrungchai, 55, still shocked by what she saw.

Without wasting time, the rescue team checked the bedroom and found the king cobra under her pillow.

One of the rescuers slowly grabbed the cobra’s head to pull it off the bed. They said the snake measured out at 3 meters long and was healthy.

Ms. Janhom says she was lucky she saw the snake on her way to the toilet. The ending could have been different as she was about to shut off the lights and go to bed.

Snakes this time can be spotted more as it is their mating season, said one of the rescuers. The mating season usually takes place from the end of the rainy season to the beginning of the cold season in Thailand, he added.

People are advised to clean their homes regularly and to call rescuers if they spot a snake. “Do not attempt to catch or remove the snake by yourself as the snake may be venomous.

He said people should clean their homes regularly as snakes like cluttered areas. If a snake is spotted, do not attempt to catch or remove the snake by yourself. Always notify wildlife officials as the snake may be venomous.

Sources: Chiang Rai Times | Khaosod

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