Woman finds big snake stuck in toilet bowl of her rented room


The Nong Hong Subdistrict Administrative Organization received a request on the morning of 10 October 2021 to help catch a big snake stuck in the toilet of a rented room in Chonburi Province.

Rescuers arrived at the scene and went straight to the bathroom where they found the huge snake in the toilet bowl. They grabbed the snake and tried to pull it up, however, they were unsuccessful.

The team decided to remove the bowl and brought it outside where they used a hammer to help free the snake. According to a report, the over 3 meters in length python was later released back into nature.

Ms. Atchara, the room owner, narrated that she was going to use the bathroom but was startled when she saw the snake’s head in the bowl. She hurriedly went out, turned on the light, and saw that it was a huge python.

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation officials at Nong Hong Subdistrict Administrative Organization warned people to be careful especially that it’s raining lately. Snakes tend to find shelter along the water pipes.

If anyone is going to use the toilet, check the bowl carefully or flush it first just to be sure.

Source: Khaosod
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