WARNING: Covid-19 infections’ could escalate to thousands unless social-distancing measure is strictly followed’

The number of those who will become infected with Covid-19 could soon escalate to thousands if people don’t strictly follow the social-distancing measure, a top government official warned today (March 23).

Public Health Ministry deputy permanent secretary Supakit Sirilak showed a graph representing the tendency of Covid-19 infections and said Thailand is already in the “golden period” of infections since the country now has 721 cases.

“When the number of those infected reaches 100, the infection rate will escalate quickly,” he said, warning: “We will face the same situation as Europe, which has been hit by thousands of infections within a short period of time if we don’t follow the measure very strictly.”

Supakit also said an example of a similar situation can be seen in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and South Korea.

Source: The Nation
Photo: Thailand Today

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