Visa amnesty for stranded foreigners extended to October 31


PHUKET — The Prime Minister’s Office sent a direct message to The Phuket News today announcing that the visa amnesty for stranded foreigners has now been extended to October 31.

On Monday, September 28, The Phuket News reported that they have received a direct message in Thai from the Prime Minister’s Office (English Translation below).

“As COVID-19 is still causing harm and there are many infections around the world, more than 30 million cases, some foreigners have to stay in Thailand, and cannot travel out of the Kingdom of Thailand to go back to their home countries – and they cannot follow Section 35 and Section 37 (5) of the Immigration Act 2522 and other related laws [legally extending their permits to stay] before Sept 26 this year…

“So it has been agreed to announce that the Interior Ministry is to use Section 17 of the Immigration Act 2522 to extend the time [for foreigners to] follow Section 35 and 37(5) by allowing them to stay as a special case from Sept 27 to Oct 31. Foreigners who are not able to travel out [of Thailand] and intended to stay after Oct 31 can go to ask for an extension at immigration for their permits to stay to expire Oct 31.”

German long-stay tourist Bernhard Stoever who wrote an open letter to the Royal Thai Government detailing his plight and all the tourist stranded in Thailand, also received a message from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“Hi, Good news, the government just announced today that foreigners holding tourist visa who wishes to stay can do so until October 31. For those who would like to stay longer than October, they can file for visa extension with immigration and do so before Oct. 31 So, good luck,” the letter said.

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