Viral Video: Alleged fake rice from Thailand reaches Philippines


Calamba City, Philippines – A video went viral of a man who professed that the rice he cooked imported from Thailand was fake.

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Facebook user Cherrylyn Gecale uploaded a video of her husband who demonstrated whether the rice they bought falls into the fake category. In the video, her husband showed the white rice they bought at a market near San Cristobal in Calamba, Laguna. At a glance, nothing was out of the ordinary in both the uncooked and cooked Gold Cup Uno rice imported from Thailand. However, the man’s curiosity kicked in when he remembered the video he once watched on Facebook. He molded, squeezed and later slammed the rice onto the floor, expecting each grain to scatter.

Much to his surprise, nothing happened – and each grain became too attached to one another. “Where can we file a complaint,” he said, before urging the viewers to be more cautious in choosing the brand of rice they buy.

“eto po brand name ng PLASTIC na BIGAS, GOLD CUP UNO. yellow un color ng sack. please share para makapag ingat ang lahat sa pagbili… 06/14/2017 @ 6:00am we discover this,” The caption of the video reads.

However, some netizens didn’t share the same sentiments.

The video has now received 2.7 million views, 3.8 shares, and 1.8 comments as of this writing.

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