Video of a man stealing hand gel at a BTS station shocks netizens


BANGKOK – A video of a man stealing a hand gel at a BTS station in Bangkok has shocked netizens and is now going viral on Thai social media. 

The CCTV footage showed a man who stopped to get some hand gel at Saphan Khwai BTS station. However, he soon changed his mind and took the whole bottle instead, putting it in his backpack.

A Facebook page called “Situation and Accident” posted the footage and caused much negative comment.

As of this morning it had also been viewed 350,000 times on Twitter.

According to Sanook, people condemned the man and though some pointed to the shortage and expense of the gel, it was a bit much and very antisocial to take it home, apart from the fact that it constituted theft.

Sources: Sanook | Thaivisa

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