Venomous pit viper bites woman at Bangkok shopping mall


A woman claimed that a venomous pit viper bit her at a Bangkok shopping mall.

Tharathip Samart shared on Facebook what happened to her on that fateful Friday as she was walking from the second-floor car park to the entrance of the store in Bangkae.

She didn’t drop the name of the mall, but she said that this mall was a popular department store in the area. Her post contained photos of the dead snake as well as her swollen left foot.

After the snake bit her, Tharathip said she killed the snake, adding that no security guard was around to help.

Tharathip stated that she informed store officials of what happened, however, they simply asked her where she could receive free medical treatment. Although the store took her to the hospital, the incident was not treated as an emergency.

The store also failed to call an ambulance, she added.

She complained that store officials left her at the hospital without assuring her that they will take care of the medical expenses.

According to the hospital, Tharathip would have to be admitted for several days to monitor her situation.

Tharathip further stated that when she contacted the mall, an official told her that the snake didn’t belong to them and therefore would not take responsibility for the incident.

She informed the store that she will post the details of what happened to her on social media if they will not take responsibility, but the official told her that she could do whatever she liked.

Tharathip added that the person who could make the decision, a senior staff member of the store, had not yet returned from the long holiday.

Meanwhile, Decha Kittiwitthayanan, a well-known lawyer, said the department store could not deny responsibility as the incident happened inside its compound.

Source: The Nation

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