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After Bangkok and its adjacent provinces experienced a short respite from smog, the unhealthy air returned on Wednesday at 3pm.

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In a report from The Nation, 28 out of 43 areas with available air-quality monitoring devices, were found to be past the safe limit.

PM2.5 according to the World Health Organisation is carcinogenic or having a potential to cause cancer. The amount of PM2.5 should not go past 50 micrograms per cubic metre of air, said the Pollution Control Department of Thailand.

In Charoenkrung-Bang Kho Laem area, the amount of PM2.5 stood at 46 as of 9am on Wednesday. The amount then soared to 58 by noon and 64 by 3pm, the report said.

Air pollution looks set to continue in the Greater Bangkok on Thursday, the report added.

Source: The Nation

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