Two Filipino men missing in Phuket seas


Two Filipino men were reported to have been missing after high waves swept them into the sea near Freedom Beach in Phuket on Wednesday (July 17th). Search and rescue workers of Kusoldharm Phuket Foundation have been searching the two tourists who, according to Thai PBS English, were at the beach playing in the sea during a heavy storm before they’ve gone missing.

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Search and rescue workers of the foundation tried to find them but due to heavy rain and high waves, the search was suspended. The search and rescue team who are hoping for a favorable weather today, July 18, will resume the operation.

The two Filipino men were among a group of 12 travelers from the Philippines who are on holiday at Freedom Beach. All of them were reported to be playing on the beach in the sea, despite the bad weather, Thai PBS said.

The group had tried to rescue their two friends and asked their tour van driver to seek help from the authorities, the report added.

Source: Thai PBS English

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