TUBONg Pinoy basketball team crushed Team Sisaket


The TUBONg Pinoy basketball team seemed to have a very destructive mojo after a tidy sweep of the championship title against Sisaket in the recently concluded Palarong Pinoy 2017 in Sisaket on December 9-11. With four wins and no loss, TUBONg Pinoy controlled the championship match with a ten-point lead per quarter.

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But before the championship actions transpired, Sisaket felt the strength and fearlessness of Team Ubon when they first met during the double elimination round. Team Ubon crushed them and left them no choice but to accept defeat.

Pinoy basketball team
From Left: #26 c- Payo, #6 Apurado, # 25 Bulayo, #0 Baldorado, # 19 Sausa (2-time MVP/Captain Ball), # 29 Pag-ibig (3 point-specialist). # 18 Aguilar (Mythical 5) #16 Alianza (The Rebounder), # 11 Longcayana (The Veteran). # 2 Peru, # 27 Mahal, # 13 Super, (# 2 Yuson, # 13 Villordon and # 87 Sedeste not in the photo)

When asked why Team Ubon joined the event, Team Captain Grip “Chem” Sausa (#19) told Pinoy Legacy that this year is their team’s 3rd championship title.

“We joined this palaro to strengthen the bonds of Filipinos here in ISAAN, and we are motivated to defend the title because last year we were the champion as well. In fact, we’ve been winning the championship since 2014.”

Their team also like to gain new friends thru sports and develop camaraderie among Filipino basketball enthusiasts.

“We like to have a more united Filipinos here in Isaan, and joining this event is our way of showing it,” Sausa added.

Palarong Pinoy 2017 was organized by Pinoy Sa Silangang Isaan (PINSAN). Participating teams were Ubon; Khon Khaen; Surin; Sisaket, Korat and Mukyakhon or (Mukdahan, Yasothon and Sakhon Nakhon).

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