Tropical storm Podul makes school in Isan look like a paddy field

Tropical storm Podul unleashes flooding downpours and strong winds, making a school in Mahasarakham province look like a paddy field.

“It’s raining heavily here in Isan and the winds are really strong brought by tropical storm Podul,” KP Duremdes told Pinoy Legacy. “If you’re standing on high ground, our school looks like a paddy field,” he said.

Duremdes, a Filipino teacher teaching English at Wapipathum School in Mahasarakham, revealed that some of the Friday afternoon classes were canceled due to the flood.

“Some classes that have flooded pathways have been canceled because students couldn’t pass,” he said.

Heavy downpour started yesterday, and Duremdes believes that downtown Mahasarakham is now inundated by floodwaters since it normally floods during the rainy season.

Podul is hammering Laos and some parts of Northeast Thailand with heavy downpours and strong winds.

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Photos: Sunti Udkam

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