Tourist police raid Bangkok condo running as hotel, one foreigner arrested


Residents of a luxurious Bangkok condo complained last week that people were renting rooms on a daily basis. They were charged not per night but per day. The luxury condo was also set up like a hotel, having a check-in counter and reception in receiving guests. Apart from that, rooms were provided with maid service as well.

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The news that 40 officials from the Thai Tourist Police paying ‘C Ekkamai’ a visit came to light in the Thai social media this week, but the raid was actually last Thursday according to news website

One person was arrested for running a hotel without a licence and the owners of five rooms were charged with not reporting foreigners staying in their property, said the report. They were also charged with illegally offering their rooms for a daily rental.

The authorities also arrested a foreigner for not staying at the previously reported address.

The Tourist police revealed that monthly rentals or longer are legal in Thailand but not daily. They said they are now tracking down the person who advertised the condos online.

Source: Thai Tourist Police, Thaiger

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