Tourist in Thailand finds a huge monitor lizard crawling out of the toilet


A British tourist visiting his girlfriend in Pathum Thani, Thailand got the shock of his life when a huge monitor lizard emerged from the toilet.

Jason Kingman, 37, from England, and his partner Chantima Chairisuk, 45, watched as the reptile exchanged stares with them before disappearing back to the pipe.

My girlfriend called me and said there was something dirty moving in the toilet, Jason narrated. ‘I thought “that’s strange” and I never thought it would be a lizard. ‘I was amazed when I saw what it was.

Jason added that many of the monitor lizards can be seen in their garden but it was the first he saw one in their toilet.

Chantima shared that she was about to use the toilet when she spotted something dark moving inside the bowl. Shen then grabbed her phone and started recording while calling Jason to check the uninvited guest, which turned out to be a monitor lizard.

There were people spraying insecticide outside. I think the monitor lizard was trying to escape, so it hid inside our toilet, Chantima said.

It didn’t hurt anybody and eventually left our home, Chantima added.

Sources: Khaosod, The Daily Mail

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