Too much bubble tea cause woman’s sugar, triglyceride readings to go up


Too much bubble tea, pearl milk tea or “Cha Nom Kha Muk” is a sure danger to your health!

Many people these days like to a have bubble tea at least once a day. But according to a Facebook post, this is too much following a woman’s blood test result.

Facebook user Somrong Sam Chotin, posted about a 46-year-old woman complaining of always being tired. After receiving echocardiography or ultrasound of the heart, the result came back negative.

However, her blood tests showed otherwise. From 105 a year or two ago, her glucose levels jumped to 359. Her triglycerides had also gone up from 222 to 801.

The lady revealed that for the last two months on her way to work, she had been consuming a glass of the sweet tea. Too much sugar from the drink she’s having was the cause of her numbers to skyrocket.

In July this year, the Foundation for Consumers released the result of the test they conducted to all bubble tea brands available in Thailand. The result showed that 92 percent of the bubble tea brands available in Thailand contain an above the recommended amount of sugar.

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