TM30 Reporting Form: What you need to know about


One of the requirements of Thai immigration is the TM30 reporting form. It is designed to assist in keeping track of foreigners – tourists and expats – whilst in Thailand. Property owners or landlords are required to report guests staying at their properties within 24 hours of their arrival.

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According to media website Thaiger, hotel staff will do the registration for you after you’ve checked in. However, reporting of guests also applies to the following…

If you own and live in a home in Thailand
If you’re staying with a Thai friend
If you’re staying in a property that isn’t properly licensed

The TM30 reporting form is designed to report foreigners locations during their short or long-term stay in Thailand. If you are staying in a condo or apartment block, the owner must register your stay, said Thaiger.

The purpose of TM30 is to help the government monitor the good ones as well the bad ones who use Thailand as a hiding place.

TM30 and the law governing it was introduced with the Hotel Act of 2005, but now covers property owners or apartments that don’t fall in the hotel category. Thais hosting foreigners are also included, the report added.

Property owners or landlords must complete the report and should submit the TM30. If you stay at your friend’s house, your friend still needs to complete and submit the TM30 form. The same applies to a foreigner married to a Thai and carries a Thai visa.

If you’re an expat living permanently in Thailand and travel to other places within the country – any other address other than your usual home address – you need to inform immigration once you’ve returned.

This is what you need to fill in a TM30…

Copy of your departure card
Copy of your passport photo page
Copy of your most recent visa stamp page

The landlord or reporting person needs…

Copy of the title deed to their property
Copy of the rental contract

The TM30 reporting form is not the same as 90-day reporting. To register for TM30 online, you can click HERE. You need to create a username and password before you can log in. The fine for not reporting is 1,600 Baht per person.

Therefore, to avoid paying the fine, ask your landlord or your property owner if you have already been registered.

Source: Thaiger

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