Tiny scorpion hiding in bag of langsat fruit sent man to the hospital


BANGKOK — A Bangkok man shared on social media how the tiny scorpion hiding in the bag of a langsat fruit he bought sent him to the hospital.

Pennung Chaiyachit took to Facebook to warn people to check fruit thoroughly before consuming it, after a baby scorpion hiding in the langsat bag stung him.

“I have something to warn you….?? Last night after dinner I went to eat some fruit that I had just purchased on the same day. This was 2 kilograms of Langsat fruit. I put my left hand into the plastic bag to grab a langsat when suddenly it felt like I had just cut my thumb with a sharp knife. I screamed “What bit me, that hurt” before running to the toilet. I washed my thumb and poured some alcohol on it.”

But there was no visible wound and no bleeding either. As the pain continued to get worse, he decided to visit the hospital.

While waiting for the doctor, Pennung did a quick search. The search result showed many different websites warning about a tiny scorpion that can live on langsat fruit that is armed with powerful venom, Thai Resident reported.

The doctor later advised him that it would be best if he stayed the night at the hospital; giving him antibiotics and other medications through IV.

Pennung also shared that his blood pressure went over 170 and was sweating profusely. If he ain’t strong and healthy, the result could have been worse.

He ended his post with a piece of advice saying: “Please be careful my friends, this tiny scorpion is evil. Wash langsat fruit in a basket before you eat it”.

Source: Thai Residents

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