Three people killed at Radio Thailand shooting in Phitsanulok


Three staff at Radio Thailand in Phitsanulok were killed and one person seriously injured when a lone shooter attacked without any known motivation.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning, May 27th, when the gunman, Wim Sonsuk, began his rampage with two guns.

The electrician armed himself with a .38 and a 9mm gun as well as a knife in what was clearly a premeditated attack.

He shot three radio staff members dead – Samit Butmangkul, the station’s director, Jirawut Sumetthepanan, a senior electrician at the station, and Phumisaran Phanphum, a senior technician at the station.

Another staff member, Prung Chandaeng, who worked as a radio transmission technician, was also shot and badly wounded.

Mr. Butmangkul, the station director was the last person to be shot after trying to flee the building before he was tracked down by the gunman and killed at the rear of the building.

After the shooting, the killer waited at the radio station for officials to arrive. He was quickly detained and placed into custody by police at the scene.

The authorities are still gathering evidence and attempting to piece together the chain of events in addition to questioning eyewitnesses and finding out the motive behind the attack.

Sources: Bangkok Post | Sawadee Siam News

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