The NECKTIE Approach: Jun Amparo’s Latest Research Will Be Presented in the International Conference on Contemporary Education


Husband, when was the last time you dated your wife? Falling in love is easy, but building a successful marriage can be a lifelong challenge for most couples. If you are a husband, sometimes you get bored and feel fed up due to unexpected challenges—hurtful words and bickering, lack of transparency in handling finances, different priorities in life, overly demanding spouse, unfaithfulness to one another, and burnout in marriage.

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Instead of nurturing a satisfying companionship with your spouse, you divert much time with your work and friends—then eventually you find yourself gradually flirting with other young women. Sooner or later your life becomes miserable after some years in marriage. You may be thriving in your job or profession, but your role as a husband is another aspect of your life you may need to improve.2

If you’re committed to navigating your role as a husband, Amparo’s latest book offers simple steps to be a better husband. When you feel like being choked and your marriage is slowly shutting down, read this book to uncover profound insights and doable tips to transform your marriage into a more vibrant, healthy relationship. In addition, The NECKTIE Approach has been reviewed by well-known personalities such as Bo Sanchez, Dr. Alvin Ang, and other expert people in marriage. The NECKTIE Approach are:

Never Stop Courting and Dating Your Wife

Ensure You Are Proactive in Managing Finances

Compliment and Uplift Her Spirit

Kiss and Hug Your Spouse

Think about Resolving Conflict Soon

Improve Your Listening Skills

Enhance Your Spiritual Leadership

In addition, Jun Amparo will be presenting his research proposal entitled “The NECKTIE Approach: Understanding the Husband’s Role and Attitude as the Key to a Happy Marriage” at the International Conference on Contemporary Education to be held at Amari Watergate Hotel, Bangkok on July 28, 2019. This event is a great opportunity if you want to get a copy of his book with his signature.

Jun Amparo is the founder of Richly Blessed Today and is currently pursuing his doctoral degree in education. His first book about personal finance has helped couples to manage their resources wisely. Aside from blogging, he also loves watching TEDx videos and enjoys sharing life insights as a motivational speaker. He is also one of the co-founders of The Pinoy Legacy, an online magazine in Thailand.

To know more about The NECKTIE Approach, please visit this link.

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