Tham Luang Cave to reopen to public on 1 November


CHIANG RAI — The Tham Luang Cave in Chiang Rai had a test opening on October 27 but it will reopen fully to the public on November 1, said the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation (DNPWPC).

After the Tham Luang Cave Rescue nearly 18 months ago that attracted global attention, this is the first time the government is going to allow visitors into the caves.

According to a Thai Residents report, safety rails and decorations have been placed inside to ensure the safety of visitors while they explore the well-known cave. The equipment used during the rescue has also been removed.

Twelve members of the Wild Boar football team, aged eleven to sixteen, together with their 25-year-old assistant coach, were trapped after rain waters flooded the cave whilst they were inside.

All the boys were successfully rescued. However, Saman Kunan, a 37-year-old former Thai Navy SEAL, died of asphyxiation on 6 July while returning to a staging base in the cave after delivering supplies of air. His tragic death is commemorated with a bronze statue in front of the cave entrance.

Photo: Baitoey

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