Thailand to impose curfew, declare state of emergency, reports Thai Enquirer


BANGKOK — The Thai Enquirer reported on Tuesday (March 24) that Thailand is set to impose a curfew and declare a state of emergency on Tuesday.

It is one of the issues to be discussed at Tuesday’s weekly cabinet meeting along with the possibility of closing down borders and implementing universal basic income, the report said.

“Several members of the cabinet are petitioning the prime minister to start the curfew tonight after the cabinet meeting,” a Palang Pracharath MP told Thai Enquirer. “The prime minister might impose it later in the week so that people have time to prepare.

“They’re also likely to declare a state of emergency and possibly impose martial law before too long,” the MP said.

On March 24, the Public Health Ministry confirmed 106 new Covid-19 infections, which brings the total number to 827. There were also 3 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 4.

Source: Thai Enquirer

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