Thailand to collect 300 baht entry fee starting in April


A 300-baht entry fee will be collected from foreign tourists starting in April, government spokesman Thanakorn Boonkongwanchana said on Wednesday.

The fee will be used to improve tourists attractions as well as provide accident and death insurance for all arriving foreigners as part of the Amazing Thailand New Chapter promotion.

Tourists entering Thailand by air will hardly notice the fee as it is going to be added to the price of the ticket. As for land travelers, the ministry is still considering how fees will be collected from them.

In case of death, the insurance coverage will pay out up to THB1 million (US$30,000) while THB500,000 will be covered for medical expenses.

According to Thanakorn, Thailand will continue the plan with the new promotion despite the threat of the Omicron variant.

The prime minister, said Thanakorn, instructed state agencies to monitor and assess the Covid-19 situation within the country and abroad, to help draw up plans to restore the country in all aspects by keeping the economy and public health in balance.

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