Thailand set to administer human trials on COVID-19 vaccine


BANGKOK – The Ministry on Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation (MHESI) announced recently that the team of researchers from the Faculty of Medicine of Chulalongkorn University and the National Research Council of Thailand are now ready to begin human trials on COVID-19 vaccine.

On Saturday, July 11, MHESI Minister Suvit Maesinee told reporters he was informed by the university and the research council experts that the MRNA vaccine trial for COVID-19 on monkeys, carried out by the National Primate Research Center of Thailand has yield promising results.

According to the minister, the outcome shows high viability in each monkey with no negative reactions. Fourteen days since the second infusion on the 22nd of June, analysts have now taken the monkeys’ blood tests and found neutralizing antibody in every sample, portrayed as such a fantastic finding.

Mr Suvit added that the recruitment of human volunteers will be administered in August and September and the human trials on COVID-19 vaccine will begin in October.

The human preliminary testing will be conducted in three stages and in the event that it shows promising outcomes, large scale manufacturing of the vaccine and registration will be carried out.

Source: Thai National News Bureau

Photo: Students of Kanlayaneesithammarat School during the opening of classes this month taken by Teacher Geraldine Pugoy.

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