Thailand’s hottest days to peak out this week


Bangkok, Thailand – The Meteorological Department announced Tuesday that Thailand’s hottest days of the year will peak on Friday and Saturday (April 28-29), with expected temperature of 43 degrees Celsius in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Rai and Lampang.

Meteorological Department director-general Wanchai Sakudomchai, advised people not to do much work outdoors particularly in the afternoons of the mentioned dates as the heat could pose a threat to one’s health.

Thursday is when the sun is at its zenith in Bangkok, at 12:16pm, and therefore the hottest day of the year in the capital. But clouds are predicted to cover the sky and rain can also be expected due to summer storms in some areas so it won’t feel as hot compare to Friday and Saturday.

The sun is at zenith at different times in different provinces this month and next, said Saran Poshyachinda, deputy director of the Science and Technology Ministry’s National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand, reported The Nation.

Saran pointed out that the sun at zenith does not necessarily mean the temperature will be at its highest. The heat level depends on other factors as well, such as rain, clouds, the monsoon’s influence and heat accumulated in the atmosphere, the report added.


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