Road Rage Incident in Pratunam Leaves Thai Superstar Mario Maurer’s Porsche Damaged


A taxi driver broke the side window of Thai Superstar Mario Maurer’s Porsche after he slingshot a rock following a road rage incident in Pratunam.

Taxi driver Udon Sutthison told the police that the actor cut in front of him. He didn’t like what the driver of the Porsche did, so he rolled down his window and scolded the actor. But Mario scolded him back.

The Thai superstar who starred in the blockbuster film “Pee Mak” was filmed by onlookers settling his problem with the cab driver on the side of the road. ”How will you compensate me if the glass had hit my eyes?’”, Mario asked the taxi driver while the police was busy documenting the incident.

Mario, 29, refused to give interviews. He just wanted to give it a go and did not want to make a big deal out of it. He didn’t want to press charges.

However, the police charged the 37-year-old cabbie with damaging another’s property that could give him a jail term of up to three years and/ or a fine of up to THB6,000. The cabbie was also charged with a forcible attack that did not cause the victim to sustain any bodily harm. It carries an imprisonment of up to one month in prison and/or a fine of THB1,000.

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John Benliro