Thai silk robes to be worn by Pope Francis during his Thailand visit


BANGKOK — Pope Francis will wear Thai silk robes for his Thailand visit in two weeks.

In a report from Khaosod English, twelve tailors are now busy working 10 hours a day to create more than 200 vestments for the supreme pontiff and accompanying bishops.

Two designs of chasubles (outermost liturgical vestment during a mass) will be created: The gold and white chasuble and the red chasuble.

For the Holy Mass at the National Stadium on 21 Nov., Pope Francis will wear the gold and white chasuble, while red chasuble has been chosen for the Holy Mass for youths at Assumption Cathedral on Nov. 22.

“Gold and white colors symbolize both the innocence and joyfulness. These colors are chosen because the mass [at the national stadium] falls on the same day as the Presentation of Mary,” liturgy service coordinator Father Peter Chetha Chaiyadej said. “Red represents the reminiscence of St. Cecilia who was a martyr and her love, blood bled for the love of God.”

Both Thai silk robes will feature Thai bird pattern embroidery, also known as kanok, the report said.

“These kanok patterns are a Thai form of art that is adapted to be modern,” Chetha said.

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