Thai policeman chases a gambler who turns out to be his mom


A Thai policeman became viral on Thai social media when he chased a gambler, who turned out to be his mother.

On January 13, a video of a Thai policeman chasing a fleeing gambler was shared on Tiktok.

The video posted by the policeman himself has a hilarious caption: “I’m very discouraged and concerned with my life after realizing that the gambler I was chasing was my mother!!!

He also added in the comment section that he is having problems in deciding whether to do his job as a policeman or show his gratitude as a son.

Netizens were quick to respond with funny comments.

A netizen suggested that the policeman should run slowly. Another one said that his mother wouldn’t cook him dinner as punishment for trying to arrest her. Then there’s another who said that instead of running away, she’d run towards her son with a stick in hand.

The video has now over 4.4 million views at the time of writing.

Whatever the outcome of this, we hope he finds peace.

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Source: The Smart Local

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