Thai man horrified after cobra found in toilet


A Thai man from Nakhon Si Thammarat was stunned when he went to the bathroom and found a cobra hiding inside the toilet yesterday, April 7. 

Wittawat, 45, went to the bathroom to relieve himself when he saw something black in the toilet. Upon closer inspection, the snake’s head emerged while flicking its tongue out. He left the bathroom in a hurry and informed the local rescuers immediately.

The snake catchers told Mr. Wittawat they need to bring the bowl outside and break it to get the snake out— to which Mr. Wittawat agreed.

Using a rope snare around the snake’s head, it was found that it was about 1.5 meters long. The officers then put the serpent in the sack to be released back into nature.

Mr. Wittawat considered himself lucky. “It’s good that I haven’t started running my personal business in the toilet yet when I saw the snake. If I have, things could get ugly,” he said.

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