Thai man deploys crocodile to guard his house


A man in Phitsanulok took his home security to the next level by deploying a crocodile to watch over his house instead of dogs.

Tiktok user @Phakonphikmai posted on October 8 a video of a crocodile walking nonchalantly around the house with a little cat standing nearby.

Surprisingly, the reptile didn’t attack the cat or the person recording the video.

In an interview, the owner revealed that the crocodile, which he calls Chao Tong, was legally bought by his father from a farm. Unlike other similar reptiles, he assured everyone that Chao Tong was tame and didn’t pose any threat.

Maybe — but the sure upside is that burglars would think twice if it’s worth it to break into the man’s house with Chao Tong as a guard.

Source: The Smart Local

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