Thai lady accuses officers at NAIA of attempted theft


A Thai lady accused customs officers at Manila International Airport in the Philippines of trying to rob her. She said the officers attempted to take 40,000 yen (about 10,000 baht) from her bag.

On February 9, Saruta Jansila posted about her troubling encounter at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport on a Facebook page called People Who Like to Roam Around Japan (กลุ่มคนชอบตะลอนเที่ยวญี่ปุ่น). She warned Thais to be wary of officers who have the habit of stealing things.

Saruta revealed that she and her husband were in Manila for a connecting trip to Japan. She sensed the officer was doing something to her arm during a luggage check.

“I noticed the officer doing something with my arm, and for some reason, I was concerned that she had put something illegal in our baggage.”

Saruta and her husband continued on their journey despite her concerns, only to learn later that four 10,000-yen notes were stolen from the little bag containing their Japanese currency cash.

Saruta returned to complain. More than ten officers gathered around the couple’s luggage to check it again. Saruta went on to say that one officer tried to strike up a random discussion with her as if to divert her attention away from the baggage check.

“The officers asked me to double-check the money. And, to my surprise, my money was returned! “There were four bills in the front pocket,” Saruta said.

Saruta insisted that she thoroughly checked everywhere before reporting the missing cash to the officers. She feels the officers were conspiring to take her money.

“It was terrifying. They committed crimes yet appeared unconcerned. They attempted to avoid handing me security footage and conversed with each other in Tagalog. I wanted to complain to them, but my husband persuaded me not to because we had received our money back.”

Instead of carrying too much cash, she recommends utilizing a travel credit card.

Many netizens commented on her message, sharing their thoughts and experiences.

“I’ve heard from several people who have lost money while passing through scanning and check-in stations in Thailand and other countries. I always put my cash in a plastic box, then in an anti-theft bag that I lock with a padlock.”

“The nation is comparable to Thailand in that many thieves use official government uniforms.”

“I live and work in the Philippines. I am so bored with criminals here. It is everywhere. Not all of them are thieves, but most of them.”

Sources: Facebook | Thaiger


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