Thai fisherman finds whale vomit worth $900K


A Thai fisherman stumbled across a whale vomit weighing 30Kg on a beach in Surathani province. According to authorities, this could make the fisherman an instant millionaire for its sale worth ฿30 million (~USD900,000).

Mr. Narong Petcharat narrated as reported by MGR Online that when he came back from a fishing trip on 27 September, he saw what appeared to be cream-colored gunk floating on the beach.

He immediately checked if the substance was a whale vomit (an item considered by many fishermen as a prized possession),  wrapped it up in a towel, and brought it back to his community.

Known as “Amber of the Sea” in Thai, whale vomit is a key ingredient in perfume. Thus, the substance is highly coveted by manufacturers.

According to The Smart Local Thailand, people used to go hunting for sperm whales in order to obtain their vomit – that is, until whale protection laws came into play.

To verify if it was actually a whale vomit, the Thai fisherman melted the substance. The fishy and dung-y smell later turned into a very sweet and pleasant odor.

In a report from One 31, Prince of Songkla University gave Mr. Narong on 27 September an official authenticity certificate saying that the pile of puke is 100% authentic.

His “Amber of the Sea” pile is also valued at ฿30 million (~USD900,000).

So, if anyone’s interested in buying 30KG for ฿30 million (~USD900,000) of whale vomit, they can contact Ms. Kat at +66 6 1734 6930.

Source: The Smart Local Thailand
Photo: MGR Online

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