“Warning to visa runners”, says note from Thai Embassy in Vientiane


The Thai Embassy in Vientiane, Laos, posted a note on their notice board, warning “repeater of Tourist Visa Application” or commonly called by tourists as “visa runs”, that they reserve the right to reject tourist visa applications from those they think are abusing the tourist visa to stay longer in Thailand.

A photo of the notice which was shared on social media on Monday reads:

“Thailand always welcome “genuine” tourists”.

“However, the embassy has been asked by Thai authorities to observe “irregular” travel record (Travel history, in-out of Thailand) on each passport with pre-caution.

“The Embassy would like to inform that, it reserves the right not to receive any Tourist Visa applications, which may deem as abusing tourist visas (such as:  illegally working in Thailand by applying for tourist visa repeatedly etc….

“This is a gentle reminder for this application who may hold such history, in order to avoid unnecessary “over night” stay in Vientiane to hear the visa result (declined) in the next afternoon.”

According to the website Thaivisa, the current requirements for a Tourist Visa are:

— Passport or travel document with a validity not less than 6 months

— Visa application form (filled out)

— One(1) recent 4x6cm. photograph of the applicant

— Round-trip air ticket or e-ticket (paid in full)

— Proof of financial means (20,000 baht per person/40,000 baht per family)

Source: Thaivisa

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