Thai doctor warns women in getting a manicure


NAKHON SI THAMARRAT — A Thai doctor posted a warning on Facebook about getting a manicure after a woman got her nail infected. 

“Warning to others, a 35-year-old woman went to get a manicure about 20 days ago. The salon clipped her cuticles and shaped the nail before applying on fake nail extensions on with super glue. Three days later, she started to feel pain in her finger. At first, she thought that it was nothing, then it started to swell up. The woman went to the pharmacy self-medicated which seemed to help the swelling to calm down a bit.”

The Dr. added that after a few days, the woman had a fever and the finger got worse, it had grown even bigger and turned red. The finger had a burning pain, to the point where she couldn’t move it. The woman decided to remove the fake nail that also tore her real nail off. Finally, she came to see a doctor who gave her an X-ray. Turns out the infection was so bad it had developed into a bone infection (osteomyelitis). The end of her thumb started to shrink. She had to spend a few nights at the hospital for surgery.

Dr. Arak further stated that “the woman received intravenous antibiotics along with the surgery. There is still a chance that she will never be able to use her thumb again. She also risks HIV infection as there have been past cases where a patient received AIDS from a manicure at the salon. Contaminated equipment is to blame, without proper sanitation, the nail and cuticle clippers have probably been used on many people before it was your turn.”

With the rise of manicures and pedicures in a world where appearance is viewed as one of the main priorities to some, visiting a salon is not bad. However, it is imperative to know whether your favorite salon is sanitizing their equipment. If you’re in doubt, ask. Better to be safe than sorry.

Source: Thai Residents

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