Thai authorities set to clarify visa overstay situation due to COVID-19


BANGKOK — Thai authorities are set to clarify the situation of foreigners in Thailand who inadvertently overstay their visas due to disruption to travel and immigration services because of the coronavirus.

A meeting between the Ministry of Interior, Immigration Bureau and Tourism Authority is scheduled to take place very soon.

Two months ago, in January, the Immigration Bureau announced that foreigners who overstayed their visas due to disruption from the coronavirus would not be subjected to the usual finds and potential blacklisting.

But when the announcement was made, there were no restrictions traveling to and within Thailand.

The COVID-19 situation has made the situation for visa runners – people looking to extend their stay in Thailand by obtaining a visa from a neighbouring country – even more difficult.

On Wednesday, officials in Malaysia began closing its borders, only allowing foreigners to leave the country.

On Thursday, the Vientiane Times reported the government in Laos will suspend issuing visas to foreign tourists.

In Vietnam, the government has also suspended the issuance of all visas to all foreigners, as well as denying entry to travelers coming from the UK and the 26 Schengen countries.

*If you are unsure of the situation regarding your own visa due to COVID-19, contact your local immigration office, and if you visit in person ensure you follow the precautionary measures from the Thai government with regards to hygiene and social distancing. 

Source: ThaiVisa

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