Terrifying: Huge king cobra found in a parcel


Staff members of a logistics company in Khon Kaen notified the local rescue team upon hearing hissing sounds coming from a parcel.

According to Facebook user Nev Marley, the incident transpired at a Flash Express office in Muang district, Khon Kaen on Tuesday.

“I received a call from a transportation company in Maung Khon Kaen asking us to help catch a snake in a box. I thought it must be a pet snake or a [non-venomous] ball python,” he said in the Facebook post.

When rescuers opened the box, it revealed a huge king cobra, reported to be about 4 meters long.

“OMG! It was a king cobra almost four meters long. That’s not the kind of thing that can be sent by mail. People, please don’t do it!”

Nev Marley added the sender already contacted the office. The sender claimed he had no idea there was a snake inside the parcel he had been hired to send.

Flash Express has filed a police complaint and the sender’s name is being withheld.

Source: The Nation

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