Terrified woman finds venomous spitting cobra in her bathroom


A woman was left terrified after finding a venomous spitting cobra in her bathroom.

Ms. Sirada, 23, from Saraburi Province, went to the toilet to take a shower on February 4. When she opened the door, she was shocked to see the cobra hissing and raising its hood.

Her legs trembled. She shouted and asked her parents for help.

The family called the local snake wrangler and waited outside their home until the specialists arrived.

She guided the team to the toilet where the deadly snake was found. They wore helmets with a glass front to protect them if the cobra spits venom.

The team managed to catch the reptile using a snake hook. They put it in a sack and later freed it to the wild.

“I will be more shocked if the snake emerged while I was already taking a shower,” Sirada said.

Fortunately, she had seen the venomous spitting cobra first. Otherwise, her father may have been bitten by the snake because he is old and often goes to the bathroom.

Source: Khaosod

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