Teacher Princess wakes up after days in coma, thanks people for their help


Teacher Princess Joy Genaro suffered massive bleeding that required immediate operation a few hours after giving birth. Her condition worsened when she had internal bleeding and was declared 50/50 by the doctor. A day after her second operation, she went into a coma.

But the Filipina teacher in Laos who gave birth to a healthy baby boy finally woke up after 12 days. Her partner, Raymund Unajan, has gone public with her story in the last few days to thank people who’ve helped them.

In a follow-up interview with Pinoy Legacy, Raymund said Princess first looked for him when she regained consciousness.

“Princess woke up on 27 September. She told me she was looking for me and that I’ve been gone for a long time.”

Raymund shared on Facebook his realization that God stayed with them the entire time.

Life is hard. With a lots of twists and turns. But the views are awesome. And when you look back, you realize, “Wow, God was with us the entire time.” In fact, at those crisis moments when you felt totally alone, God was actually beside you, shairng your pain, wiping your tears, and putting his arms around you. 🙏🙏🙏

Raymund said that all of Princess’ internal organs are now functioning well, especially her kidneys.

“She’s getting better now that’s why the doctor decided to send us home. She still has medications and a follow-up visit on 27th October at Udon Bangkok Hospital.”

The couple also left a message to all the people who’ve helped them saying:

“We, Princess Joy Genaro and Raymund Unajan, would like to extend our great thanks and appreciation to the people who helped us in times of difficulties. To our family, friends, relatives, the Filipino community in Laos, Thailand and all over the world who shared prayers with us and extended their help through financial support, a million thanks to you all. Words cannot express how thankful we are. May God bless you all. Thank you 🙏.”

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