Teacher, admired after lending shoes to graduating student


Netizens commended a teacher in Pototan, Iloilo after lending her shoes to a graduating student on Friday.

Cristy Selorio shared on social media her admiration for teacher Cornelia Castor of Pototan National Comprehensive High School saying: “Five stars for teacher”.

According to Cristy, Teacher Cornelia noticed when Jesseca Coronado was on her way to the stage that she was only wearing sandals. Without thinking twice, she approached the student and lent her shoes.

Many who saw what the teacher did were touched.

In Cristy’s interview with Jesseca’s mother, it was revealed that the sandals the student wore that day were also borrowed.

Upon graduation from Senior High School, Jesseca will not go to college because her family cannot afford to pay for her education.

She said her parents’ income is just enough to buy food for them every day.

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