Taxi Fares Hike Approved from 35 baht to 45 baht


Taxi fares will soon increase after the Transport Ministry gave the green light which will go into effect the day after the announcement is published in the Royal Gazette.

The current pricing is 35 baht. However, it will increase to 40 baht for the first two kilometres of distance according to the new fare guidelines. There will also be a 6 baht a kilometer for distance exceeding the first two kilometres up to 10th kilometer and 10 baht per kilometer for distance in excess of the first 10 kilometres, as reported by ThaiPBS

In case a taxi is caught in traffic congestion that renders the taxi immovable or makes the vehicle to move not exceeding 6 kms per hour, the taxi owner is eligible to charge one baht per minute for distance not exceeding six kilometres per hour, the report added.


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