TALA Dance Craze: Pinoy Teachers, Thai students groove to kick off new year


BANGKOK — The top-trending TALA dance craze looks like it won’t be fading anytime soon as it hit Thailand by storm with OFWs creating and sharing their own version of the dance over social media.

When Pinoy Legacy shared on its Facebook page the video of three Filipino teachers working at Saint Nicholas School in Phitsanulok – Ivy Garay, Ben Tarona and Harold John Alcantara — dancing “Tala”, TPL page has received overwhelming messages of more Filipinos based in Thailand doing their own version of Sarah Geronimo’s four-year-old hit.

Joining the TALA Dance Craze bandwagon are two Filipino teachers who took the dance challenge with their Thai high school students.

Ivyrose Rocillosa, a language teacher at Assumption College in Nakhon Ratchasima, noted that she introduced the dance to her students to kickoff the first day of classes for 2020.

“I decided to introduce TALA to my students to give them a new experience and for us to enjoy the last 10 minutes of our class,” Rocillosa told Pinoy Legacy. 

At first they didn’t like to try cause they couldn’t understand the song. But they enjoyed every step later on,” she added. 

Meanwhile, in Prachinburi, Lynnie Palacio also did the same thing. She recorded a video of herself and her students dancing to Tala.

“I asked one of my students to take the video while I dance. But instead of saying yes, my student including her friends requested to be part of it,” Palacio quipped.

She also said that her students found the steps difficult, but they learned it quite fast. “My students told me the steps were confusing. Good thing they are fast learners. We all went home tired yet very happy.”

“Here’s hoping our version of “Tala” will get recognized and will reach Sarah Geronimo in the process,” Palacio added.

The Thai students who are with Teacher Ivy in the video include; Cartoon, Pokaew, Tree, Kukkik, Fiona and Ivy.

As for Teacher Lynnie, the Thai students in the video are Ratchaphon, Pitchapa, and Priyachat.

Watch the video below.

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