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SONGKHLA, Thailand — Videos of “Tagalog Hugot Lines” involving Thai students have struck a note with some Filipino teachers in Thailand. Wayne Vincent Tolomia’s videos prove that unrequited love or one-sided love is not only real but could also be funny, especially with Thai students doing the acting and using Tagalog as the medium.

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“I used to vlog when I was in the Philippines and I create videos of anything I found interesting. To unburden myself I decided to continue it here in Thailand featuring my Thai students,” Wayne told Pinoy Legacy.

Wayne revealed that teaching his students to speak Tagalog was not a huge problem. During their free time, he sometimes speaks Tagalog with his students.

“My students like to learn Tagalog. They can easily pronounce words without having too much trouble. In fact, when they see me somewhere, they sometimes use the Tagalog words I taught them, like the word “kumusta?.”

Tagalog Hugot Lines’ Videos

Hugot’s concept is nothing new. This excessively dramatic, farcically sentimental, and acutely distressing use of rhetoric designed to tug at our emotions can be seen in the many classic literary pieces. They have been around for years even before a term was coined for them.

“To get rid of deep-seated frustrations and just laugh at it, I chose hugot as our topic. It was just for fun. I didn’t expect that our first video will reach 5,000 views, “Wayne shared.

Reception from parents and teachers

The videos were received positively by the parents and Thai teachers at Wayne’s school. And to make it more understandable for them, Wayne added Thai subtitles.

My Thai co-teachers were very happy about it, and the parents were happier even more. They sent me messages saying that they enjoyed watching every video,” Wayne quipped.

Looking for a better life

Teacher Wayne of Lipa City, Batangas packed his bags and left for Thailand two months ago (June 2019); bringing with him his hopes and dreams of finding a better life. Not so long after, he found himself teaching mathematics, science, and PE at MEP Banna Primary School in Songkhla.

He left the Philippines to work abroad, earn, and save money for himself and his family. He wanted to create a bright future, see the world, and achieve all his goals while working in Thailand.

Initial difficulties and overcoming them

Thailand is not really far from the Philippines compared to the Middle East where the majority of OFWs reside. Despite Thailand being in Southeast Asia like the Philippines, however, the culture is different. Family is also literally oceans apart.

“Homesickness still feels like it’s killing me especially here in Chana, Songkhla, “Wayne said. “I have no idea if there are other Filipinos working nearby. I want to meet other Pinoys so I won’t feel that I’m alone in this foreign country.”

To battle homesickness, praying is what keeps Wayne to stay in focus. “Praying helps me connect with the Lord. I am not afraid. I always keep the faith,” he said.

Wayne also gave advice to all Filipinos wishing to work in Thailand. “Nothing is easy, particularly in the beginning. Struggles are everywhere but if you overcome them, life will be happier,” Wayne shared.

“Live and let live. Do what makes you happy as long as you don’t take advantage of other people. You are the only one who can make your teaching in Thailand as enjoyable as you would like it to be,” he added.

Live for the moment

Although Wayne has plans of taking MA followed by Phd in the Philippines when the right time comes, for now, he is going to continue making videos of Tagalog Hugot Lines with his students.

“My hugot videos are my way of introducing my students to the world that I’m proud of them; that I can connect with them. I also hope that thru my videos, people will see that teaching in Thailand can be fun and enjoyable.

Check out Teacher Wayne’s Hugot Lines video below.

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