Swamp forest fire in Phattalung leave many animals dead


PHATTALUNG — The Amazon rainforest has been on fire for the past month, destroying large extent of forest and killing scores of wild animals. That situation happened in Thailand when over 120 hectares of Hua Pa Khiew swamp forest in Talay Noi of Khuan Khanoon district, Phattalung was in flames for several days.

The swamp forest fire in Phattalung left many wild animals dead such as snakes, squirrels, turtles, monkeys, lizards — as well as plants and huge trees.

Officials are monitoring the situation of the Phattalung swamp forest fire to prevent the flames from reaching the nearby ‘Ramsar’ Site, which over 200 bird species use as their nesting area, Thai Pbs reported.

According to disaster relief volunteer Mr. Satit Chaisuwan, the swamp forest fire has caused immeasurable damage to Thailand’s ecological diversity and richness, the report added.

Source: Thai PBS

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