Surround yourself with over 50,000 flowers this Valentine’s Day


People in Bangkok and those residing nearby can now surround themselves with 50,000 beautiful flowers at Queen Sirikit Park on Valentine’s Day.

On Monday, the Bangkok Environmental Office announced on Facebook that the park has more than 40,000 pots of hollyhocks in different colors.

“Other flowers that will also bloom throughout February are celosia, wishbone flowers, sulphur cosmos, American marigold, French marigold and small duck orchids.”

Queen Sirikit Park is considered to be one of Thailand’s most complete botanical gardens. It has high biodiversity in an ecosystem that possesses a great variety of plants and butterflies, banana cultivars, palm trees, hibiscus, lotuses, more than 200 species of waterlilies, and a vast variety of rare plants along with plant species endemic to Thailand.

The park is open daily from 5am to 7pm. Visitors are required to adhere to Covid-19 prevention measures, including wearing facemasks and checking in via the Thai Chana platform.

Source: The Nation

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