Thailand faces stormy weather, warn Meteorological Department

Prepare for stormy weather, bringing heavy rains, flash floods, and strong winds.

Cloudy skies in Bangkok and its surrounding areas is expected to bring heavy downpours or thunderstorms across 60% of the area. Temperatures will play between 25°C – 36°C, said the Thai Meteorological Department.

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The department also said that western parts of Central, Eastern and the South of Thailand will experience continuous rain, with isolated heavy showers. Possible flash floods may occur due to the southwest monsoon prevailing over the Andaman Sea and the South. People are advised to be wary of strong waves in the Andaman which is expected to be around 2 meters and may increase to three meters during localized storms.

Scattered thundershowers and isolated heavy rains are expected at noon today, with winds gusting at 10-30 km/hr.

The weather forecast from yesterday (June 9) to June 15, revealed that monsoon over the Andaman Sea and Thailand will gain strength, which will bring isolated heavy rains to the North, Central, the East, and the South.

From June 13 to June 15, however, the southwest monsoon will weaken, reducing the likelihood of stormy weather over Thailand, Thai PBS reported.

On Friday, widespread flooding and heavily congested roads brought by heavy downpour lasting for more than 2 hours caused a rush hour nightmare for people in Bangkok.

Source: Thai PBS

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