South Korea has the world’s fastest internet speed, Philippines slowest


BANGKOK, Thailand – Four of the top ten countries in the world with the fastest internet speed are all found in the Asia-Pacific region in the fourth quarter of 2016 according to internet monitoring firm Akamai.

South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Japan have made it to the list of the world’s fastest internet speed.

South Korea holds the top spot at 26.1 Mbps beating Norway, Sweden, and Hong Kong, all of which have the internet speeds up to 23. 6 Mbps, 22.8 Mbps and 21.9 Mbps respectively.

Although South Korea continued to lead the world in average connection speeds, Akamai noted that S. Korea was the only country in the top 10 to see a decline, as speeds dropped a slight 0.7% as compared to the third quarter.

world's fastest internet speed
LEFT: Top 10 countries with the fastest internet speed. RIGHT: Asian countries’ net speed and their global ranksSource: State of the Internet Report (

Other countries in the list with the highest internet speed include Switzerland (21.2 Mbps), Denmark (20.7 Mbps), Finland (20.6 Mbps), Singapore (20.2 Mbps), Japan  (19.6 Mbps) and Netherlands (17. 6 Mbps).

Among the 15 Asian countries surveyed by Akamai, Philippines had the slowest average connection speed of just 4.5 Mbps at 108th spot in the global rank.

Meanwhile, Thailand had an average speed of 13.3 Mbps and was at the 31st spot in the global rank of the world’s fastest internet speed.

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