Songkran Festival 2018: Where To Celebrate And Have Fun


Songkran Festival 2018: As the country gears up to a boisterous fun going hand-in-hand with ancient traditions known as Songkran which will be celebrated between 13th and 15th of April, it is best to know places of interest or major Songkran events where huge celebrations of water parties take place.

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Here are 8 best places in Bangkok to celebrate Songkran Festival 2018 according to

1. Khaosan Road: The famous area for backpackers. Get yourself ready for the splash.

2. Silom Road: The most famous area for locals, especially teenagers. Extremely packed after 7pm onwards.

3. Central World: The best place to enjoy live music and…get wet!

4. Royal City Avenue (RCA): Popular for Electronic Dance Music (EDM) lovers! Dancing king and queen, bring it on!

5. Siam Paragon: Be in the heart of City of Angels, and learn more about traditional customs and values of the Songkran Festival.

6. Bangkok Metropolitan Administration City Hall: The best place to have a happy real Songkran in which every member of the family can join in merrily and safely.

7. Wongwian Yai: The city center is too packed? Want to go a bit off town? This is the place!

8. Sanam Luang: The best place to join sacred celebrations and get wet just a bit.

You can also enjoy Songkran if you’re outside the capital. Famous blogger Richard Barrow compiled on his blog 6 places outside Bangkok one can have fun.

1. Hat Yai Midnight Songkran (12th-15th April 2018). In Thailand’s south, the Songkran fun takes place in Hat Yai, so head downtown if you want to join in. The main action takes place on the streets of Nipat Uthit 3, Sanehanusorn and Thammanoon Vithi. Here there will be free music and concerts as well as other entertainment throughout the event, every day between 10am and midnight.

2. Chiang Mai (12th-16th April 2018). The best-known Songkran celebrations in the whole of Thailand take place in the northern city of Chiang Mai. Here you’ll find a wonderful balance of water-based fun and sacred ceremonies that show the religious importance of this festival to the Lanna people.

3. Suphanburi (13th-15th 2018). As well as the usual waterfights, there will be a Songkran parade through the town.

4. Wanlai Bangsaen (16th-17th April 2018). Celebrate Songkran on the beach. What’s unique about this celebration are giant sand stupas that they build on the beach on the first day.

5. Wanlai Pattaya (18th-19th April 2018). The celebration will be at Lan Pho in Na Klua district on 18th April and then at Wat Chaimongkol and Pattaya Beach Road on 19th April. Please note. Pattaya also celebrates the traditional Songkran from 13-15 April.

6. Phra Pradaeng, Samut Prakan (20th-22nd April 2018). The main event takes place on the last day with water fights in the streets and an impressive parade through the town.

Songkran Festival 2018 is going to be fun, but it is wise to follow tips to truly enjoy the holiday. Here are 15 Tips for Enjoying Songkran in Thailand from

1. It’s all just fun, so don’t get angry.
2. You’re going to get soaked. Just accept it.
3. If you want to stay dry, stay inside.
4. You might get daubed in a grey-white paste made of scented powder and water. It’s harmless, but stings if it gets in your eyes.
5. Say: “sawadee bee mai”. It means: “Happy New Year!”
6. Sunglasses will protect your eyes from water and the mysterious paste.
7. Use a waterproof pouch (cheap and widely available) to protect valuables.
8. Don’t wear white – it goes see-through when wet!
9. Monks are highly respected in Thailand, so never throw water at them.
10. People riding a motorbike could have an accident if suddenly soaked.
11. People riding tuk tuks or songthaews are sitting ducks – lock and load!
12. Avoid driving motorbikes during Songkran. Use four-wheeled public transport or walk.
13. Secure your valuables in your room and be mindful of any you do take with you.
14. Avoid swallowing the water being sprayed at you – you don’t know where it came from!
15. Wet tiled floors will be slippery, so be careful of your footing.

 Have fun, everyone! Let’s welcome Songkran Festival 2018 with a bang!

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