Snake expert catches extremely aggressive king cobra


A fierce battle between a snake expert and a king cobra ended with the latter being put in the box – literally.

Snake expert Sargeant Nattaphon Sue-Ngam along with other volunteers rushed to the scene after receiving information that a 4-meter long king cobra slithered into a fruit plantation near a building material store in Chanthaburi’s Tha Mai district on Wednesday.

The operation took a bit longer as the snake was extremely aggressive and tried to bite the rescuer many times.

Sargeant Nattaphon lured the snake into the open to catch it easier. Using a steel hook, the expert pressed the snake’s head flat to the ground before grabbing its head with his bare hands.

According to Mueang Chan Snake Protection Volunteer Team, the king cobra was so fierce because apart from being in a state of stress and panic, it is also their mating season.

”If you see poisonous snakes during this period, please notify the authorities immediately. Do not try to catch the snake yourself as it could be life-threatening,” Sargeant Nattaphon said.

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