Six travelers after Thailand reopening tested positive for Covid-19


The Bureau of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Promotion of the Department of Disease Control said on Wednesday that six of the 4,510 travelers who entered Thailand after the county reopening on November 1, have tested positive for Covid-19.

Dr. Sumanee Watcharasin, the bureau director, revealed that Suvarnabhumi Airport received 2,013 travelers on Tuesday.

“Of them, 1,769 were exempt from quarantine, 79 were eligible to enter the country under the sandbox programme, 64 have undergone seven days quarantine and 101 have undergone ten days quarantine,” she explained.

“Top five foreign travelers visiting Thailand are Japan, Singapore, Germany, Qatar and China.”

The bureau director said more than half of citizens in 17 tourism pilot areas have received their first jab, except Nong Khai where 47.3 per cent of citizens have received the first jab, The Nation reported.

She added that Chiang Mai is the most worrisome area as many Covid-19 clusters have emerged, such as markets, working places, families and immigrants.

“The province has conducted vaccination drives and proactive tests, as well as tightening measures related to alcohol drinking,” she added.

Source: The Nation

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