SICKENING: Another Thai father attempts to hang 5 year-old daughter on Facebook LIVE


PHETCHABUN, Thailand – A Thai father from Phetchabun province in the Northern part of Thailand live-streamed himself on Facebook Live and threatened to hang his five year old daughter on Friday, April 28 just less than a week after a young man from Phuket killed his daughter on a live broadcast on the giant social media site.

In the video which was filmed at their home, the father, Wichai Kwanprom said: “This rope will send me and my daughter to a better place.”

He then wrapped a small string around the baby girl’s neck and as she started crying, he let her go and turned off the live stream.

Surprisingly, local police did not press charges against the father.

Pol. Lt. Col. Kritsanapong Patsit, deputy commander of Wangpong Police said that before he was released,  Kwanprom was “questioned” and had his attitude” adjusted.

During the investigation, Kwanprom told the cops it was not his intention to hurt her daughter or himself, but only to get his wife’s attention.

Kwanprom reveals he works in Bangkok and  sends money back to his wife and daughter.

He said he had suspected his wife has another man. Last week, he came home to find his daughter abandoned at their home and his wife allegedly having left to be with her lover.

Last week, in a 4-minute broadcast on Facebook Live, Wuttisan (surname withheld) from Phuket, filmed himself tying  a rope around his 11 month-old baby’s neck then throwing the infant to her death over the edge at an abandoned building over suspicion that his wife had an affair with another man.

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According to Coconuts Bangkok, Kwanprom has apologized for what he did and promised to fight for his daughter and not repeat his actions.

The baby is now under the care of Kwanprom’s older sister, the report added.

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