Schools to start reopening in Nov, but only in safe places


Minister of EducationTreenuch Thienthong announced on Wednesday that all schools in Thailand will not be reopened altogether across the country on November 1 as this will depend on which area they are in to prevent Covid-19 from spreading further.

The reopening of schools, Treenuch said, will depend on the epidemic situation in their area, adding that the ministry will submit their assessment to the Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration next week.

The Nation reported that the initial criteria was that schools located in areas without an outbreak for at least 2-3 months would be allowed to reopen for full on-site learning, while students who have yet to receive vaccine doses can return to school but under strict health measures.

A large boy school in Phitsanulok province informed their foreign teachers that they will start online on November 1 while on-site learning will begin on November 15.

Some 1.3 million of 4 million students have received at least one dose of vaccine so far.

Source: The Nation

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